OEM Ability

More than 25 years of injection mold development, what you can expect from JYP's OEM service are  : 


Detailed drawings assistance
  . Create the 3D file from your 2D drawing if you don't have 
  . 3D Reversed Engineering to get 2D/3D drawing through your sample
Consultation of right tooling for your project
  For example,a long-term and high volume production usually requires a heat-treated tool-steel mold. 
Quality injection parts and timely production
  .  Plastic injection parts & secondary operation 
  .  Quatlity control in process by most acturate inspection instrument : 3D CMM & Auto Optical  Microimage Measurer 
  .  We do both small and large rus, depends on your needs
  .  Timely production is the number one indicator in JYP managerial program